A Plethora of Products at RedBubble

Lately I’ve been adding some of my artwork to my RedBubble shop. I never get tired of seeing my flat, two-dimensional paintings transformed into various products, many of them three-dimensional. It gives me a whole new perspective on them! If you’ve been hankering after a painting or two but hesitate to take the leap, here’s a way to own a little bit of my art without the big commitment. Look stylish with a lovely scarf or tote bag, add some colour to your iPhone or laptop, or select a print in just the right size for that spot on the wall. And if you really want the original, the art shown here is all still available on my website.

Here are a few montages I made to give you an overview of what’s available. Go to my RedBubble shop to see even more art!

Pansies at RedBubble

Pretty pansies, harbingers of Spring, create lively products on RedBubble. The original painting, Pansies, is available here.

Then She Said…at RedBubble

Colourful and whimsical, this painting “Then She Said…” is all about making you smile.

What Once Was at RedBubble

There is beauty even in the sunset years, as celebrated in the painting What Once Was.

Rosy Romance at RedBubble

Old-fashioned roses look quite contemporary on RedBubble products. See the original painting, Rosy Romance, here.

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