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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been creating a little series of paintings with hearts as the theme. The paintings are small, but each still takes a great deal of thought and effort. I find it almost as time-consuming to create small art as large, since the same “rules” about composition and colour still apply. Therefore, when you think about […]

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Another Year, Another Resolution?

Welcome to 2018! When I was a kid, I thought 2018 was a lifetime away (it is) and that by then I would either be ancient (how could I conceive of being over 60?) or dead. Well, as said in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, I’m not dead! I actually find all the hoopla about a […]

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A Cut Above

Lately I’ve been incorporating a variety of techniques into my paintings other than my usual arsenal of squeegees, brayers and sponges. There’s nothing like variety to keep the creative muse interesting. Something I’m really enjoying is creating my own stamps. I had already been using a few commercial stamps to add interest and texture to […]

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Morocco Captivates All Five Senses

I recently returned from a two-week trip to exotic Morocco! For about a month after I returned (I went in May) my mind was buzzing with remembrances of images, scents, colour and pattern. There were many memorable aspects to the trip, but I would say that the souks (markets) were definitely one of the highlights. […]

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Good-bye Dear Blog!

After much thought I’ve decided to take a blog break for the foreseeable future. The decision was not an easy one, as I’ve enjoyed sharing my creative thoughts and art with you here. But as we are continuously being told, the only constant is “change” and I’ve decided it’s time for me to make a […]

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A New Series To Welcome Spring!

Ah, Spring! I can feel it in the air. It’s just around the corner. Flowers and leaves haven’t quite made an appearance yet, but I have a solution for that. My new series, Softly Floral! I’ve been painting these impressions of warmer weather all winter and now I’m ready to share them with you. These […]

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Song Dong’s Evocative Communal Courtyard Installation

Last week I buzzed into Toronto to see the Art Gallery of Ontario‘s newest exhibition titled Wisdom of the Poor: Communal Courtyard, an installation of 100 vintage Chinese wardrobe doors. The doors are joined together to create snaking walkways, small rooms and larger “courtyards,” reminiscent of Beijing’s traditional communal living spaces. The artist Song Dong […]

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Packaging Fine Art for Shipping

Packaging fine art for shipping is an art in itself. Before beginning it’s journey to it’s new home, everything possible must be done to ensure it gets there safely. I recently packaged some fairly large pieces to send, and this is how I did it. The piece in the example below measures 40 inches high […]

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It’s Habitual

Welcome to 2016! Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? I haven’t. I don’t usually make resolutions, as I prefer to change or improve things as I go along, all year long. For instance, partway through 2015, I realized that I seemed to be spending a lot of time in front of the computer. I […]

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