Looking to the Past, Present and Future

“Past, Present and Future” is the title of the newest exhibition at The Colborne Art Gallery, which opened on Saturday, November 14. As artists, it’s an interesting exercise to occasionally review where we’ve been on our artistic path, where we are now and what we foresee for our future art. This is the idea behind our last Colborne Art Gallery exhibition of 2015.

Opening Reception

Just a few of the art lovers and patrons who attended the opening reception for Past, Present and Future at The Colborne Art Gallery.

I found it very interesting to see older work from my fellow artists, some of it quite different from what I would expect given the work they are doing now. I think even my work took some by surprise, as one of my colleagues commented on how muted my older palette was compared to the work I’m doing now. I hadn’t actually noticed it until she made the comment, and then it gave me pause as I realize in my future work I’m striving to tone down my palette and incorporate more subdued colours. Hmmm…full circle!

But not really, since even though I might revisit certain aspects of earlier work, it will be influenced by my ongoing experiences and experiments, thus creating something new. Or so I hope!

Here are a few images of the paintings I have on display at the gallery until December 20.

Five Earlier Works

I think I’ll call this work previous to 2015 my purple period. 🙂


My palette in the last year has definitely been brighter, as evidenced by this painting of Birches!

Swim With the Fishes

This whimsical painting, Swim With the Fishes, just completed recently is still quite bright, but there’s that purple again!

You can visit The Colborne Art Gallery and see “Past, Present and Future” until December 20, 2015.

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