“Of Women,” a New Series

If you’ve been following me on any of the online or social media sites I frequent (links at the bottom of the page), or you’re subscribed to my monthly newsletter (if you’re not then please subscribe now!) you’ll have noticed that I’m working on a new series of portraits of women, called, appropriately, “Of Women.”

This direction has taken me rather by surprise. Previously, my figure or portrait drawing experience had been limited to drawing in art college and the necessity of drawing children when I was a school textbook illustrator. I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I always wanted to draw animals instead.

But something must have been percolating in my subconscious, as one day I realized I was interested in drawing portraits of women. Not just any women. Women with flowers in their hair! Goddesses and nymphs. Women from romantic, imaginary worlds. Exotic women who stare enigmatically at the viewer and have stories to tell.


This painting, Transfiguration, is symbolic for me of the process of change and growth, whether it be in nature, in our art, or in our lives.

I view a lot of art online and I was definitely influenced and inspired by some of the beautiful paintings incorporating figurative work that I came across. I started a Pinterest board to record some of my favourite artists and artwork. Ah, so much beauty! Rather intimidating when you get right down to it.

I decided I needed to brush up on my figure-drawing skills. I blogged about that journey in my post, “The Creative Journey of the Portrait.”

I’ve also been incorporating quite a bit of collage into these works. Again, I haven’t been interested in collage previously, but teaching my Introduction to Oil and Cold Wax Workshops this year triggered a desire to explore further. In these workshops I introduce my students to lots of techniques you can use with cold wax medium, including collage. A side-effect was that I got bitten by the collage bug and started to use it myself rather than just demonstrate it in a class. I found I really enjoy cutting and pasting! I blogged about it in, “Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing.”

And now I have to get back to painting my lovely women. They have stories they need to tell…

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