Visit Me on the Studio Tour!

I participate in the Northumberland Hills Studio Tour every year, and it’s now fast approaching. On September 9 and 10 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, my studio will be open to visitors. People can always drop in by appointment throughout the year, but this is different. For the tour, I tidy up my studio, remove extra tables and trollies so there is more space to walk around, and hang art on every available surface to give a gallery-like feeling to the place.

I will be showing new art I’ve created in the last year in my “Eclectic Still Life” series. These paintings feature flowers, mostly in vases, with decorative patterns and imagined vintage fabrics. They’re colourful and, well, eclectic!

Hydrangeas in a Chinese Vase

Homage to the Master

I’ll also be showcasing my little 4×4-inch “Wall Jewels” at an attractive price of $35 each or 3 for $100 (regularly $40 each, I’m taking off $5 because I won’t be shipping them).

Wall Jewel Selection

And I’m introducing a new series that has obsessed me recently, called “Of Women,” focussing on the female portrait. Created from my imagination, these portraits are of no particular woman, but the idea of all women, powerful and self-assured, pensive and dreamy or even vulnerable. The subject matter is open to endless exploration and I find myself becoming lost in the worlds of these women…


A collector who came to my studio commented that all my art looked so much more beautiful in person than online. It’s true! Online viewing can give a sense of the art, but seeing it in person is so much more rewarding. The “Wall Jewels” are small but intense. The “Eclectic Still Life” and “Of Women” paintings have textures and subtleties that are lost online no matter how meticulous the photography.

If you’re in the Northumberland County area of Ontario, please be sure to mark your calendar for the weekend of September 9 and 10. I would love to welcome you to my world.

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