Workshops with Dorothy

I’ve been trying a few new things this year. One of my new ventures is to host workshops in my home studio. This has turned out to be so much fun! I’ve discovered that I enjoy teaching.

Right now I offer “Introduction to Oil and Cold Wax Medium.” I’ve taught three sessions with another scheduled for later this month (July 2017). I’ve just added August 24 and 25 to the schedule, so if you’re interested, email me soon to let me know!

Working in oil and cold wax medium has until recently been relatively unusual. There still isn’t a lot of information to be gleaned from the Internet. A hands-on workshop imparts the basics and more in one place and in an orderly fashion.

In the workshop, students get to play and work with the techniques so that they have the knowledge to then expand on the techniques themselves. I supply all materials. This keeps the expenses down for each student, and also gives all of us the same materials to work with.

Workshop Students

Students enjoy playing and learning new techniques in my oil and cold wax workshop.

Because the workshops are in my home studio, the space is limited. I only take four people at a time. This is a real benefit as over the two afternoons we all get to know each other better than in a larger group. Plus I can spend a lot of quality time with each person. The feedback I’ve received from participants has been so positive, and everyone seems to have a really good time. I’m pleased to hear that my students have been very tired at the end of the session—they’ve worked hard and absorbed a lot of new information. Feeling tired is a good thing!

A new book has just been published which is the most comprehensive overview on oil and cold wax that I’ve seen. Titled “Cold Wax Medium” it is 320 pages of technical information as well as overviews of the work of more than 100 artists, myself included! You can find out more about how to order the book here: Cold Wax Medium.

Cold Wax Book

This 320-page tome is the definitive resource for information and inspiration around cold wax medium. I’m featured in the book! Find out more information on the “Cold Wax Medium” book website.

But for the personal touch, if you live in the Northumberland County area of Ontario, consider a workshop with me. If August 24/25 doesn’t suit, there will be more dates this fall.


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